It all started when…

3 years ago, I (Katie) literally stumbled upon a Lagree studio walking down La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles. The machines, I soon learned were Supraformers (the Megaformer’s beefier cousin) and they looked to be something out of the movie, Tron. Like so many of you, I had a little fear and anxiety, but was more intrigued and fascinated with just what in the hell this was. 25 shaky, sweaty and profanity-laced minutes later, I knew that the Lagree method needed to be brought to the Madison area.

To give you a little insight into my background, I was always active, but not fitness-focused. Nearly 6 years ago, after I left veterinary practice, I began working out, like for the first time in my life. I loved barre and yoga classes so I decided to learn how to teach them. That led to more fitness certifications (which you can see in the other section of our site). For a couple of years, I was really interested in heavy lifting and strength and power endurance workouts. All of these varied fitness experiences and certifications added to my arsenal of knowledge about fitness and how I loved to stay active.

What I love about the Lagree method is that it’s a blend of everything I love (stretching, strength training and cardio) while being unlike anything I’ve ever done. I don’t (and shouldn’t) Lagree every day so it leaves room for me to do other things (or nothing!). I know it’s giving me amazing benefits even when the workout is over and I no longer feel like my fitness is anxiety-driven. It has changed my body and has allowed me to not only find some body acceptance (‘cause yep, I struggle with that too), but also some, “fuck yeah, I can do that” confidence.

Knowing I’m not not the only one feeling the benefits of the Lagree method is amazing. I love our REFORMadison community; there’s so much positivity in the studio and DAMN our clients are strong! If you’re a part of our studio, thank you. Thank you for your support and your dedication. There is nothing easy about this workout, but you show up and you work your asses off. Pushing yourself pushes others and we all continue to inspire each other. If you haven’t yet experienced REFORMadison, I hope you do; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.