Your body can stand almost anything.  
It’s your mind that you have to convince.

Combining strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility and stretching in each move, a 50 minute REFORMADISON workout will push you beyond what you thought was even imaginable.

If you want to REFORM your body,
you have to do things you’ve never done.  


Using weighted springs and a moving platform, the ingeniously designed and patented Megaformer demands intense core engagement, constant tension of your muscles and mega-mental focus allowing you to reach maximum exertion in each class.  If it isn’t shaking, it isn’t working.  


You’re kind of a big deal.

You are our top priority.  Class sizes are intentionally small (10 or less people) to make sure YOU are reaching a physical place that will provide you with real results.


Yes, you can.

Yes, you will shake.  Yes, you will sweat.  Yes, you will question your abilities.  But ultimately, you can do this.  We will ask a lot of you; you have to want to REFORM.  


intensity NOT impact.

That’s why we offer 50 minute classes that have been proven to burn 500 to 800 calories.  By targeting and constantly challenging the fat-burning, slow twitch muscles, we can push you to maximum exertion in minimal time.  



  Lagree is the most innovative full body conditioning fitness method and it can only be found at award-winning REFORMADISON in Wisconsin.  Accept no imitation and allow us to prove how effective, safe and fun the Lagree Method is!    




Owner and Founder of REFORMadison

Welcome to REFORMADISON! I am so excited to share the Lagree fitness method with you!

I have lived in Madison since 2004 and have been a fitness instructor since 2013. I have a variety of certifications and thousands of hours of experience instructing yoga, barre, stand-up paddleboarding, indoor cycling, strength fitness classes and personal training.

I created REFORMADISON after attending classes offered at Lagree studios in Los Angeles and Vancouver. I like to think I have a wide-ranging experience with various types of fitness, but it paled in comparison to the heart-pounding, muscle shaking, sweat-dripping effects the Megaformer had on me.  I knew Madisonians would love this amazing fitness method, thus I created REFORMADISON!

When I'm not at REFORMADISON, you can find me hanging out with my husband, Mike, our two young daughters and our dogs, Fiona, a British Lab and the love of my life, Moe, our French Bulldog. Mike and I are both small business owners and are active in the community. Thank you for supporting REFORMADISON; I hope you love it as much as I do!


(photo cred. Roza Gilles)


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

  • Level 2 Lagree Trainer

  • CYT

  • RYT

  • YogaUP

  • BarreAmped

  • BarreAmped Advanced

  • BarreAmped Bootcamp

  • BarreAmped Cardio

  • BarreAmped Fire

  • ACA Level 1 SUP Instructor

  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling

  • CSCS Personal Training

  • Red Cross CPR and AED

  • Voted Best Personal Trainer 2019 through the Best of Madison reader’s poll